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Why Choose Kavitha Hospital for Advanced Laser Piles Treatment in Bangalore?

Dr. Raju S R H offers Laser Hemorrhoid Ablation and Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty, which are advanced surgical techniques for the treatment of hemorrhoids and piles.

 These procedures are used for grade II and III hemorrhoids/piles that have not progressed to the stage of complication.

Kavitha Hospital Clinic for Laser Piles Treatment in Bangalore.

  • Dr. Raju S R H is the only ┬álaser Piles doctor in Bangalore which uses advanced Diode Laser 1470nm 15W and which is the most advanced & latest technology to treat Hemorrhoids in the world currently.
  • Dr. Raju S R H, a Piles Specialist Doctor, has received extensive international training in these advanced laser techniques.
  • Over 2000 Successful Treatments
  • The procedure is almost painless.
  • A dedicated Piles/Haemorrhoids Expert is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions.
  • There are no cuts.
  • Complete Recuperation
  • DayCare / One-Day Hospital Stay – Discharge in 24 hours & Totally Day Care Procedure
  • There were no sutures, no open wounds, and very little bleeding.
  • No Stitches or Cuts – Relatively Painless, Quick Recovery, and Minimal Discomfort
  • With these advanced techniques, there are far fewer complications.
  • Return to daily activities is possible after only a few days.In comparison to traditional open surgery, recovery is much faster.
  • We understand and believe that we provide the best Patient Care for Piles Surgery.
  • There is no need to wait.
  • Easy Schedule Appointment options or Directly Book an Appointment at Call Now www.doctorraju.com

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